Family Group Comedy Web Series | Episode 01

Its latest Web Series of karthik shankar. this Web Series is trending now in socail media.
Family Group Comedy Web Series | Episode 01


Its latest Web Series of karthik shankar. this Web Series is trending now in socail media.

Kaarthik Shankar, was born on 11 July 1990, is a well-known Indian short film director, producer, writer, editor and actor from Kerala state. He is known for the works 6th Friday and Mom and Son, an Indian Malayalam-language YouTube series. He completed his baccalaureate degree in arts from NSS College, Pandalam, Kerala and he also graduated in sound engineering.

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public comments on this web series : After a long time I laughed a lot 🤣 😂 Waiting for the next episode 

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Family Group Comedy Web Series LINK👇

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