Playlist Push Review

Playlist Push connects popular Spotify music playlist curators with artists willing to pay for reviews and potential new listeners.

Pay range: $1.25 – $15 per song review.

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Requirements: A playlist with at least 1,000 genuine Spotify followers and at least 30 active listeners. Pass the site’s screening. You must be at least 18 years old or have parental permission.

Review of Playlist Push

Playlist Push assists recording artists in getting their songs reviewed and, in some cases, added to popular Spotify playlists. The site accomplishes this by paying “curators” of Spotify playlists to listen to and review new songs. The reviews are paid for by the recording artists. Curators who like a new song may (but are not required to) add it to one or more playlists.

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Because the goal of Playlist Push is to help artists get their songs heard, the site is only interested in Spotify playlist curators who fit a specific mould. To begin, they must have playlists that include current music. They must have at least 1,000 genuine, non-bot followers. Their followers must be engaged and willing to listen to the music recommended by the curator.

If you are chosen to curate with Playlist Plus, each review will pay between $1.25 and $15. Payments vary depending on the size and engagement of your list’s followers. Your review does not have to be lengthy. They want a few lines, but not just “it’s great.”

Acceptance rate is extremely low.

According to the website, thousands of peopleApply to curate songs, but only about half of those who apply are chosen. If your playlist following is too small, inactive, or purchased, you will be rejected. The site may also reject you simply because they do not have artists who fit your niche. For example, if you compile a list of the best 80s songs, you would not qualify because your playlist would not include any contemporary music.

While you are not required to include a reviewed song in your list, Playlist Push will not ask you to review a song that does not fit the genres on your list. When you sign up, you’ll connect the site to your Spotify account, and it’ll analyse your playlists using an artificial intelligence programme to determine the type.

I have some music to send you.

Transferwise is used to pay reviewers.

What their customers have to say:

Trust Pilot has received reviews from a diverse range of recording artists. However, only a few curators have commented on the site.

The recording artists agree that Playlist Plus is pricey but may be worthwhile. The general consensus among curators is that becoming a curator is difficult.


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